Alert Level 3 Update (hopefully the last time)

From 22/09/21 Auckland will be in Level 3 and Cakes n Ladders will be open for contactless game sales.

In this post here you can see details of what is in stock and we can arrange delivery or organize a pickup time. We’ll also post when we’ll be in store for takeaway coffees or board game purchases.
Lets get through these two weeks safely and without getting cabin fever!.

At level 3 Cakes n Ladders can sell takeaway food/drinks and board games as long as it is contactless. Unfortunately our in store board game library is out of bounds until level 2 or lower. We’ll link to our for sale games once we’re prepped to sell them.

All events are on hold until we’re at alert level 2 or lower but keep an eye on Halloween!

We can also order games in (for pickup or delivery) though most suppliers use the Auckland ports/warehouses so they will be observing level 3 protocols which makes things safe but adds delays.

Take care everyone and we’ll get through this, just like we did last time.

Alert level 3 announcement
What alert level 3 means for Cakes n Ladders

New Games – February 2020

February was quite the month for new games at Cakes n Ladders! Generally we’ll have only one or two new games per week, but last month we added a whopping 14 (!!) titles to our library. This was in large part thanks to receiving a sizeable stack from Calliope Games, including half a dozen games from their Titans of Gaming series. Check out the images to scope all of our latest offerings at a glance, and click the title above each image for more information about each one. If any of them strike your fancy, come on it and have a go!

Action Zone
Action Zone board game

Ancestree board game box art

Capital City
Capital City board game box and cards

Cockroach Poker
Cockroach Poker card game box art

Dicey Peaks
Dicey Peaks board game box and components

Empyreal: Spells & Steam
Empyreal: Spells and Steam board game box art

Everyone Loves a Parade
Everyone Loves a Parade board game box art

The Game
The Game card game box art

The Isle of Cats
The Isle of Cats board game box art

The Mansky Caper
The Mansky Caper board the game box art

Night Clan
Night Clan card game box art

ShipShape board game box art and components

ShutterBug board game box art and components

SpyMaster board game box art

Looking for more recent additions? Check out our new games from January 2020 right over here!