WOW December is just around the corner.  Cakes n Ladders have been celebrating the festive season with Sunday Brunchkin, Themed gaming nights and buying in HEAPS of new games (Both to sell and to play)

Sunday Brunchkin

Very well priced breakfasts from 10-1 on Sundays only. Lovely bagels and cream cheese, perhaps a breakfast burrito or even our big breakfast?



Themed Gaming Nights


From this week we are starting Werewolf Wednesdays and Feature Fridays. Werewolf Wednesdays will be continuous games of One Night Werewolf played through the cafe speakers, anyone is welcome to drop in or out. The games are fast paced and so much fun.  The first Feature Friday will be Eldritch Horror. James will set the game up on the big table and be there to teach you the rules.  Again this is an open event… anyone can pop in and play. 

Both nights will kick off at 6pm which gives you time to get there and grab a coffee and maybe get to know fellow gamers before the fun begins

New Games (yahoo)


If you’re in the cafe, keep an eye out for new games. We are constantly growing our lovely collection. One to look out for is Mysterium, it’s so pretty!!!  And speaking of pretty, we have added the Pretty Pretty expansion to Smash Up, they have Princesses, Kittens Elves and Horses.  Also don’t forget Christmas is around the corner, we have sold quite a few games lately. Let us know if there are any games you want us to get in and we’ll see what we can do.