Now you may already know that Cakes n Ladders is hosting International TableTop Day on Saturday the 29th of April but did you know we’re also making an International TableTop Day Livestream?

We’re partnering with our friends at the Speakeasy to livestream the entire day. Even though we’ve never made a livestream before there is absolutely no reason to think that it won’t be top quality.
Look at our promo video for International TableTop day. We’re clearly great at this.

The livestream itself is something we’re taking very seriously. We’re doing our research and making sure we get professional help when we need it.

And just because we’re basically Internet famous now doesn’t mean we’re going to forget what it is all about, the games. We’re incredibly scientific in our processes when it comes to choosing what games we’ll be playing on livestream.

Games we’re playing are:
Cash n Guns **
5 second rule *
Tzolkin *
Spyfall *
Zombicide: Black Plague
Secret Hitler
Explorers of the North Sea *
King of Tokyo
Codenames After Dark
Galaxy Truckers *
Red Flags
Champions of Midgard *

The number of asterisks after a game denotes the number of free slots still available in the game at the time of this posting. If you’d like to be part of the livestream and have a decent chance of winning prizes then get in touch with us and let us know what games you’d like to be a part of.

The theme for this year’s International TableTop day is How have Board Games changed your life? Now they’ve changed our life fairly significantly as you can see in the video but we want to hear from you too.
Post on our FaceBook page and let us know just how your life has been changed by board games.