Alert level 2 (part 2)

We’ve played a lot of games in our bubble during the second lockdown but we’re super excited to be heading back to level two and Cakes n Ladders being able to open again.

We’ll be in the cafe on Saturday the 30th of August setting up for level two so if you wanted to get a sneaky contactless boardgame purchase in before we open up again on Wednesday 02/09/20 then drop by between noon and 4pm

Hope to see you all back again soon!

Alert Level 3 Update (Part 2)

Now we know what lockdown part two looks like we can plan how to get through it safely and with our sanity intact

At level 3 Cakes n Ladders can sell takeaway food/drinks and board games as long as it is contactless. Unfortunately our in store board game library is out of bounds until level 2 or lower. Here is a list of the games we currently have for sale. We can either courier them out to you or you can pick them up in store on Sunday 16/08/20 between 11am and 5pm. If you’re in the mood while you’re there you can also get a takeaway coffee/tea/hot chocolate.

We can also order games in (for pickup or delivery) though most suppliers use the Auckland ports/warehouses so they will be observing level 3 protocols which makes things safe but adds delays.

Take care everyone and we’ll get through this, just like we did last time.

Alert level 3 announcement
What alert level 3 means for Cakes n Ladders

Upcoming Events (July-August 2020)

Lockdown is behind us (hopefully for good!), and we’ve been back in business proper for over a month now. After successfully pulling off our own International TableTop Day festivities, we’re now looking forward to more upcoming events! We’ll be releasing more information for each of these events as they get closer, but for now we just wanted to give everyone a brief look at what we’re currently planning.

Feature Friday
Feature Fridays have been a recurring weekly event at Cakes n Ladders for a while now, and we plan to keep them going, but they’ll be moving from weekly events to fortnightly, with the next one happening this week, on 17 July! Check here for more information about Feature Friday. During the off weeks for Feature Friday we’re looking into starting a new fortnightly event…

Teacher Friday
We’ve got such a massive library of games that it’s inevitable some will be played more than others, and it’s honestly a shame to see some amazing games be neglected because they’re perhaps less popular, or their rules take longer to wrap your head around. Enter: Teacher Fridays. We’ll aim to spotlight these games, putting an emphasis on learning new games that aren’t played often, if ever. The first Teacher Friday will be Friday 24 July, where we will be teaching the delightful co-op game of burnination and consummate V’s, Trogdor!! The Board Game. Keep watch on our social media for more details to come!

TPK Tuesday
Another returning favourite will be Total Party Kill Tuesdays. These low-commitment RPG one-shots were always well received, but obviously had to be put on hold during the COVID-19 lockdown. We’re happy to announce that TPK Tuesdays will be back in action from next month. New and returning adventurers alike can look forward to the next session on 4 August. More details on TPK Tuesdays can be found here.

International Cat Day
Some of you might be familiar with our dedicated Cat Shelf, packed to the brim with cat-inspired games. We’re feline excited to make the most of those games next month to celebrate International Cat Day. This purrfect holiday falls on a Saturday this year, 8 August, so we’ll be highlighting the games on that shelf (and others that won’t fit!) all weekend. We’re talking Meow, Action Cats, Purrrlock Holmes, Rat-a-Tat Cat, Exploding Kittens, Cat Capers, and even a special Feature Friday of The Isle of Cats. Mark it on your calendar right meow!

Winter Onesieland
That’s right, one of our favourite annual traditions is coming back once again. As in past years we’ll be offering special discounts for anyone who comes in to game on the weekend of 15-16 August wearing a onesie, so make sure you’ve picked your cosiest and comfiest for the occasion! More details to come soon.

Cakes n Ladders turns 5!
Save the date! We at Cakes n Ladders will be celebrating our 5th birthday on 27 August, so keep your eyes peeled for more information to come about our birthday celebrations the weekend that follows (29-30 August)!

Any dates, times, and events are all subject to change, especially as this year has been anything but predictable, but we’re going to try our best to bring these and more fun events to Cakes n Ladders to keep you entertained throughout the latter half of the year. Thank you as always for your continued support!

Get ready for International TableTop Day!

Once a year International Tabletop Day brings us back to the table to remind us why we play and to give thanks to those who make every roll of the dice exciting.

Perhaps more needed this year than in any other year International TableTop Day (ITTD) is a time to set the worries of the world aside and join with your community to enjoy the comradery found by gathering around a table and playing games!

Find the details here but all you really need to know is that on the fourth of July from 10am Cakes n Ladders is hosting the biggest board game event of the year.

Quarantine Begins

As you are no doubt aware, New Zealand is now at alert level 3, and is moving to alert level 4 within the next 48 hours. This means all bars and restaurants must close now, and all other non-essential services must close within 48 hours.

This is the right call for New Zealand as a whole, and we can work together to come out safe and happy afterwards. After 48 hours have passed, so around 2:00 PM on Wednesday, we cannot sell, loan, or rent board games so as to prevent transmission.

To prepare for the extended shutdown we will be in-store today (24/03/20) sorting things out, and WILL be able to sell games to keep your mind occupied, including several that have solo-player modes. Once we’re finished securing the shop we MAY be able to deliver a few purchased board games to those who can’t come to us. Drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

We will be ensuring that we maintain distance and hygiene during this single day of sales, and trust that we will all come out the other side of this having grown more appreciative of the company of others and the simple joy of spending time with friends over a board game.

Once level 4 begins we will cease trading and instead start working on a role-playing game designed to be played while maintaining physical distance, but keeping the social contact that communities need to thrive. We are also looking into hosting online game sessions and podcasting our journey through owning a board game cafe.

Take care everyone. We look forward to re-opening once things are under control, and seeing you all return safe and sound.

Into the Vault!

While perusing the Games List you might notice that some of the games are located in the “Vault” section. What does that mean, exactly? And why can’t you find these games when searching the shop?

Basically, those are the games that have been played the least, so we’ve put them away in back. We’ve been keeping track of which games are played for over a year now, and if you can believe it, anything listed in the Vault hasn’t been played even once in the past year. It’s a shame, really, but such things are inevitable as our library grows. Newer games will often outshine the older and more obscure. Some of them are also a bit too complex for most casual café-goers to want to have to learn, so we understand.

Whatever the reason, we’ve been running out of space for new titles and needed to clear some room, so those that haven’t been as popular have been relegated to the Vault. If you see a Vaulted game on the list that you’d like to try, that’s great! Just ask one of us, and we’ll happily grab it from the back for you and find a place for it out front again. Who knows? Maybe you playing a game from the Vault is all it needs to give it new life and get other people interested in trying it out too!

Below is the entire list of games currently in the Vault.

Adventure Time Card Wars: Ice King vs. Marceline
Arkham Horror
Axis & Allies: WWI 1914
Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game
Carson City
Champions of Midgard: Valhalla/Dark Mountains
Chez Geek: House Party
Chez Geek: Slack to the Future
Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done
Cunning Folk
Death Wears White
Deception: Undercover Allies
Defenders of the Realm
Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields
Defenders of the Realm: Dragon Expansion
Dice City
Dino Dice
Dungeon Petz
Dungeon Petz: Dark Alleys
Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game
Gambit 7
Gears of War: The Board Game
Guards! Guards! A Diskworld Boardgame
Hare & Tortoise
Infernal Contraption
Kingdom Builder: Crossroads
Kingdom Builder: Nomads
Kingdom Quest
Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor
Lords of Vegas
Love Letter: Munchkin Loot Letter
Madame Ching
Menu Masters
Mice and Mystics
Mice and Mystics: Heart of Glorm
Morels: Foray
Movie Plotz
Munchkin Quest
Onigiri Card: Everyone Loves a Rice Ball
Overlords of Infamy
Penny Press
Puerto Rico
Rocket Race
Running with the Bulls
Saboteur: The Duel
Save Doctor Lucky
Star Trek: Five-Year Mission
The Stars are Right
Takeover: The New Zealand Sharemarket Game
Termination Incorporated
Tesla vs. Edison: War of Currents
Thief’s Market
Too Many Cooks
Town of Salem: The Card Game, NSFW Edition
Trivial Pursuit: 1980s
Trivial Pursuit: Genus V Edition
Twilight Imperium (Third Edition)
The Twilight Saga: New Moon – A Movie Board Game
Vampire Empire
Vast: The Fearsome Foes
Wacky Wacky West
Warhammer Quest
Warhammer: Diskwars
Who Goes There?
Winter Tales
The Witches of Blackmore
Zombicide: Rue Morgue
Zombicide: Toxic City Mall

New Games – February 2020

February was quite the month for new games at Cakes n Ladders! Generally we’ll have only one or two new games per week, but last month we added a whopping 14 (!!) titles to our library. This was in large part thanks to receiving a sizeable stack from Calliope Games, including half a dozen games from their Titans of Gaming series. Check out the images to scope all of our latest offerings at a glance, and click the title above each image for more information about each one. If any of them strike your fancy, come on it and have a go!

Action Zone
Action Zone board game

Ancestree board game box art

Capital City
Capital City board game box and cards

Cockroach Poker
Cockroach Poker card game box art

Dicey Peaks
Dicey Peaks board game box and components

Empyreal: Spells & Steam
Empyreal: Spells and Steam board game box art

Everyone Loves a Parade
Everyone Loves a Parade board game box art

The Game
The Game card game box art

The Isle of Cats
The Isle of Cats board game box art

The Mansky Caper
The Mansky Caper board the game box art

Night Clan
Night Clan card game box art

ShipShape board game box art and components

ShutterBug board game box art and components

SpyMaster board game box art

Looking for more recent additions? Check out our new games from January 2020 right over here!