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Cakes n Ladders is Auckland’s premier board gaming café. We welcome all persuasions, from hard-core gamers and families to couples on a date or groups of friends looking for a space to spend time together. Our gaming library features a growing collection of card and board games including traditional family games, Euro games, games featured on TableTop (a popular gaming web series), and more. The concept is modeled after popular overseas board game cafés such as Castle in Toronto and Draughts in London. Customers who wish to play games pay just $3.00 an hour per person to access our wonderful library of games in our funky, comfortable café.

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Featured Games

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    Azul: Summer Pavilion

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    Star Realms

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    Century: Golem Edition

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    Camel Up

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    7 Wonders

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Upcoming Event

Can I Get an Underground Location and a Mythical Creature?

Join us on a high-fantasy adventure made up entirely on the spot AND entirely controlled by the dice!

360 degree camera view of the cafe, circa 2017



A Massive Thank You to all our Kickstarter Backers:

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