Welcome to Cakes n Ladders

Cakes n Ladders is Auckland’s premier gaming café. We welcome all persuasions, from hard-core gamers, to families, couples on a date, and groups of friends looking for a space to spend time together. Our gaming library features a growing collection of card and board games, including traditional family games, Euro games, games featured on TableTop and more. The concept is modelled after popular overseas board game cafés such as Castle in Toronto and Draughts in London. Customers who wish to play games pay just $2.50 an hour per person to access our wonderful library of games in our funky, comfortable café.

Holiday Hours

Happy Holidays everyone

Cakes n Ladders is closing down for the holiday break and we’ll reopen again on Saturday the 5th of January.

Recent Posts

International TableTop Day 2018 is coming!

Hopefully you're aware that Cakes n Ladders is hosting our third International TableTop Day on Saturday the 28th of April but did you we also made a promotional video about it? We partnered with our friends at the Speakeasy to make this masterpiece last year and it...

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Easter Hours

This year for the very first time the Easter Holidays have aligned with our wedding anniversary and while we love all of our customers we still like to celebrate some milestones together. This means that we'll be running reduced Easter Hours. We'll be open as normal...

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